Saint Michael & All Angels
Episcopal Parish Church

3233 Pacific View Drive Corona del Mar, California 92625


Sunday Worship

9:00 AM
(from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend)

Sunday School

"Godly Play" for ages 4- 10

"Formation" for ages 11-14

"Journey to Adulthood" for Teens -2nd and 4th Sunday


Extensive landscape rennovation gets the greenlight from the Vestry and backing from the City of Newport Beach


Blueprint of our new landscape plan

Saint Michael & All Angels will soon be replacing 50,000 square feet of water-hungry lawn with a professionally designed California-friendly, drought-tolerant landscape. The Vestry approved the plan on March 21st, and the City of Newport Beach and the Municipal Water District of Orange County approved the turf removal on March 25th. Turf removal will begin immediately.

Saint Michael & All Angels will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary as an Episcopal Parish Church in 2017. One very visible sign of the commitment the church has to its community will be the new landscape, the first phase of which will be finished this year.

California is still in the grip of a severe drought, and the Church leaders felt it was time to remove the water-hungry lawn that has graced the campus for the past 48 years. The Vestryperson in charge of Buildings and Grounds, Tom Nicholson, proposed this new landscape project as a way to reduce our water consumption. He makes the following points about this project:

  • Saint Michael’s is preparing to celebrate our upcoming 50th Anniversary and, while we celebrate our past, we also look forward to our future!
  • Our "Next 50 Years" plan will kick off with a very visible representation of our dedication to our community, our parish family, and our environment - through the creation of new outdoor spaces consisting of drought-tolerant California flora, contemplative and meeting spaces, walking paths, and community/public use areas.
  • This project will begin in April and Phase 1 (removal of thirsty grass and replacement with professionally designed landscape plan of drought-tolerant plantings and decomposed granite pathways) will be completed within 2-3 months. 
    • The immediate benefits will be substantially less water usage, less pesticide usage, and less maintenance through the implementation of native vegetation, weather-smart irrigation controllers, drip irrigation, and semi-permiable paving surfaces. 
  • Forward-thinking concepts for Phase 2 and beyond will be discussed and agreed upon with input from the Parish and support from the broader community.
    • Current ideas focus on the creation of a community garden, two community orchards, and interactive spaces to facilitate connectivity with the land for the benefit of the parish and greater community.  The goal is to better utilize the resources of the parish for the benefit of the community.

Mr. Nicholson shared this plan with the Corona del Mar Business Improvement District recently, and they were enthusiastically supportive.


New Homilies Online

"Free Lunch"

"The needy in this world seem nameless, faceless people in the core of big cities, and since we ’ve never met them, and have never heard their stories, it is easy to subscribe to our opinion that food ought to be acquired the old fashioned way : people ought to earn it. But . . . once we have come face-to-face with someone we know or love who is destitute, ... everything about that opinion changes."

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Living Water

"WE know that water ...for US humans... is necessary for survival.
What WE don’t –often- consider is how necessary for OUR spiritual survival
is the “Living water” Jesus offers through the Holy Spirit.

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Righteousness of Faith

"After years of assuming that Abraham was justified by works.”
Paul discovers that he was justified through
the righteousness of faith.”
Suddenly ... 
righteousness can be gained by all who share the faith of Abraham,” 
. . . even if they are not able to follow God’s law to the letter."

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